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Be confident with the right solution–we’ll ensure your device has the accurate fluid, safety, temperature and system controls you require.

We offer market-leading expertise in the precision control of volume, flow, pressure and temperature of liquids and gases. Whether you are developing a new solution, or improving an existing one, our experience and technology expertise will get you to market faster.

What’s at stake?

From heart-lung machines to nebulizers, we have a proven track record in the management of liquids and gases in medical devices. We understand the importance of the consistent delivery of fluids and the associated control of their temperature, pressure and flow. We provide expertise and proprietary capabilities in:

  • Processes for fluid management design and motor control technology
  • Combining fluids (liquids and/or pressurized gases) with electronics
  • Controlling pressure, flow, speed, volume and temperature in a wide range of applications
  • Energy management and power consumption
  • Precision dosing and nebulization of aerosols and vapors
  • Management and maintenance of device acoustic performance throughout manufacturing scale-up
  • Bubble detection, testing and elimination
  • Controlled environment areas for testing and outgoing functional qualification

Focus Areas:

  • Devices that circulate, process and filter blood, cerebral spinal fluid and other bodily fluids
  • Fluid removal systems used in applications such as wound healing
  • Diagnostic technologies used for sampling and analyzing blood, cells and tissue
  • Delivery of various fluids, ranging from pharmaceuticals for chemotherapy to contrast solution, through pumps, nebulizers, aerosols and other electromechanical means
  • Active temperature measurement and control
  • Cryoablation systems for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, tumors and uterine bleeding
ultramist ultrasound wound therapy device