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Our Promise

As a medical technology company with decades of experience working in concert with leading medical device organizations around the globe, we’re primed to lend our expertise to the fight against COVID-19. Our development capabilities, manufacturing bandwidth and supply-chain capacity allow us to deliver proven products, developed with the tolerances and rigor only medical device companies can guarantee, fast and cost-effectively.

We promise to work with you to ensure life-saving devices are available to the hospitals and patients that need them most.

Jeremy Maniak
President and CEO

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Minnetronix Manufacturing

Making vital medical devices for our customers and their patients.

Minnetronix Development

Continuing development of medical devices.

There has never been a time when the medical device industry has been more important, how can we help you?

Technology Solutions

Accelerating Medical Technology

We’ve amassed unmatched expertise in some of the industry’s most critical and valued technologies. Count on us to deliver faster, more economical solutions and more predictable regulatory approvals.

Explore how to put our technologies, capabilities and services to work for you. Contact us. 651-917-4060

Minnetronix Neuro

Reimagining Neuro Care

We are developing therapeutic solutions that prevent secondary injury and enhance healing in neurocritical care patients. Our breakthrough technologies and therapies will deliver cost-effective solutions, unparalleled value and superior clinical performance.

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Female neurocritical care patient being observed by doctor

Contact our Minnetronix Neuro team for more information about our technologies or partnership opportunities. 651-917-4060

What drives us?

We are a pioneering medtech company that brings together extraordinary technology, skills and passion to accelerate the delivery of products and life-saving treatments. We are driven to make a difference.

Focus on unmet needs

Our skill at identifying needs and opportunities in underserved markets maximizes our clinical impact..

Deep technical expertise

Our specific technical expertise consistently delivers breakthroughs.

Exceptional execution

Our size and agility allow us to be efficient and economical.