A Foundation Twenty Years in the Making

January 20, 2016 - Jonathan Pierce, Co-founder

Twenty years ago, Minnetronix started on a journey.  And what a journey it’s been.  We had a vision of what the company could become, but it has developed into far more than we imagined.  We founded Minnetronix with the dream of building a world-class company with talented employees that we’d love to work with, a place where all of us would apply our passions and aptitude to engineering and manufacturing new and better medical-device technologies.  We knew that collectively we could improve the lives of many other people.  At the start, we each wore any hat the company needed, never quite knowing what the next day would bring. We all worked tirelessly including many early employees especially those moonlighting for us.  I remember stringing our own coax cable through the ceiling grids to network each computer so we could all share calendars (an amazing piece of technology back then!).  We all used factory-refurbished Zeos towers running early versions of Windows 95. When new employees came on board, they were ushered across the highway to buy their own equipment at the local discount outlet and then to the PPL used furniture shop to pick out a favorite chair and desk, the cheapest we could find.

Since those early days, we have grown and changed – and I must add – thank goodness that we have! We are a far more mature and capable organization now, but our core values, ideas and vision remain the same.  They are central to who we are and what we strive to become in the next 20 years.  We have impacted the lives of millions of patients and have been deeply moved by the profound difference our work has made for them and their families. We have created rewarding jobs for hundreds of caring, dedicated, highly skilled employees.  And we’re privileged to work with innovative customers who further fuel our passion.

We are proud and humbled that the State of Minnesota and the City of St. Paul are declaring January 23, 2016 “Minnetronix Day” to mark the 20th anniversary of our incorporation.  This recognition from Governor Mark Dayton and Mayor Chris Coleman gives one measure of our contributions to the city, the state and the medical-technology industry.  Another measure is the vast number of patients whose lives have been improved by the technologies and therapies our team creates. The reasons for our success are clear: our employees are dedicated, our customers believe in us, and our suppliers match our loyalty and hard work.

Even as we celebrate this 20th anniversary milestone and enjoy the honor of the city’s and state’s declarations, we and all of the employees of Minnetronix are focused on the company’s bright and exciting future.  The opportunities are profound.  So stay tuned.  We’re a company to watch.