French Tips and Aluminum Chips

November 6, 2015 - Rachael Rich, Mechanical Engineer

This week I was working on the mill to modify a fixture I designed. I looked at my hands and couldn’t help but laugh; my French painted fingernails were covered in grease and metal chips. I paused for a moment and wondered how did I go from French tips to aluminum chips? According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7.2% of practicing mechanical engineers are women. As a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota and a Mechanical Engineer at Minnetronix, I now join the ranks of those women. Although I am proud to be a female in a STEM field, I am most excited about the opportunity provided to me by Minnetronix to be a robust engineer and a leader in my field.

Upon graduation, I chose to work at Minnetronix not only because I was confident that Minnetronix would provide me with the opportunity to be a leading engineer, but also because of its unique culture. When recruiting, Minnetronix looks to hire bright, high-potential intellectuals that will be able to grow into leaders. Once the team at Minnetronix identifies highly qualified engineers, we work with the candidate to find a position that matches their skills with the company’s needs. Minnetronix is not looking for engineers to all be made from the same cookie cutter, rather we want engineers that can bring unique experiences that enrich the team and the company. Due to this approach, Minnetronix has teams made up of a dynamic variety of personalities and expertise which creates the distinctive company culture that I desired.

In addition to the unique culture at Minnetronix and the opportunity to work with many different types of people, Minnetronix has allowed me to grow as an engineer by encouraging work across a variety of projects using and developing a wide breadth of skills. In just 10 months, I have designed products, created iterative prototypes, collaborated with vendors, presented designs for customers, developed and implemented a fixture for manufacturing, and am now the lead mechanical engineer on a project. The extent of what I have learned in a short amount of time would not have been possible without supportive team members that have been willing to teach and mentor me.

My experience is that Minnetronix holds every employee to a high set of standards and expects each individual to have the ability to collaborate as a team to create intelligent solutions and produce quality products all while maintaining a unique company culture…and no one here seems to think twice that I enjoy fancy finger nails despite my affinity for machining.