Minnetronix Bionic Bombers Take to the Lake to Support Special Olympics

March 10, 2016 - Varun Pandit, Program Manager

With temperatures cold enough to cover lakes with a sheet of ice so thick that even cars can drive on them, winter in Minnesota is not a season that usually beckons a dip in the lake.  But each year hundreds of individuals, called plungers, do just that in support of the Polar Plunge.  Presented by Law Enforcement for Special Olympics in Minnesota, the Polar Plunge issues a simple challenge: raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota and celebrate by jumping into one of Minnesota’s frozen lakes!

The first Minnetronix team plunged in 2013, with five brave souls signing up to support this worthy cause. Since then, participation in this yearly tradition has grown and we’ve even given our team a name: The Minnetronix Bionic Bombers. No training is necessary to jump; the most challenging part is just anticipating the sudden surge of cold. Participants walk out on a platform and line up in front of a large hole that has been cut out of the ice, revealing the natural ice bath. The announcer counts down and before you can think further, your feet hit the dark frigid water and, for a moment, the shock is like ripping off a giant Band-Aid. The experience once you get out varies depending on the air temperature, but sometimes your clothes start to freeze!

Like many teams, the Minnetronix Bionic Bombers don costumes for the jump. We’ve plunged in everything from just shorts to t-shirts that together spelled out “Minnetronix”.The costumes that other teams have sported – super heroes, Olympic swim teams, scrubs, etc. – always add to the spirit of the event.

Supporting a great cause and the bragging rights that come with taking a mid-winter dip in a Minnesota lake are great incentives to take part in this unique tradition.  We look forward to growing our team and welcoming more Minnetronix Bionic Bombers to the Polar Plunge.