Minnetronix Brings a Device Development Perspective to the Drug Delivery Partnerships Conference in Florida

February 1, 2016 - Derick Daley, Director of Business Development

This January, Dirk Smith, Minnetronix’ Vice President of Technical Solutions gave a presentation to the attendees at the Drug Delivery Partnership Conference in Palm Gardens Florida, focusing on the importance of medical device development experience to pharmaceutical/biological companies that are bringing new combination products to the market.  Dirk outlined some of the unique regulatory, product design, manufacturing and commercialization challenges that can be expected when bringing new combination drug and device therapies to commercialization. He also discussed some of the key attributes, knowledge and experience a device development or manufacturing partner should bring to the design and manufacturing of a combination product.

The topic was well suited for the pharmaceutical, drug delivery and medical device company executives in the audience. Drug delivery companies and pharmaceutical companies are leveraging technology from other industries to improve the patient experience, increase the “treatable market”, and enhance the ability to collect efficacy and compliance data.

From an electromechanical “jet injector” designed to replace spring loaded auto injectors, to wearable drug delivery pumps with integrated biomedical sensors, to the new world of web/cloud based applications in healthcare, it is clear that drug delivery is rapidly evolving. The creation of new technologies and the integration of existing technologies provides many exciting opportunities for Minnetronix to leverage our capabilities and experience to help patients.

This was our second year at the DDP event in Florida, and it reflects our dedication to the drug delivery field, where so many new compounds are becoming a reality for treatment of a wide range of conditions. We’re excited to part of the combination product development and manufacturing process.