Minnetronix Engineering and Business Excellence Awards Highlight the Drive to Innovate

February 1, 2016 - Dirk Smith, Co-founder

Since 2011, Minnetronix has awarded annual, peer nominated Engineering and Business Excellence awards to teams and individual employees in recognition of insightful and impactful achievements. The Engineering Excellence award recognizes engineering or technology efforts that address complex problems with novel and effective solutions. The Business Excellence award is awarded to a team or individual that has made significant advancements in methodologies, processes or business tools that drive sustainable, positive change in the organization.

As in past years, our 2015 nominations recognized many strong and impactful accomplishments by our teams. The technical nominations recognized efforts to incorporate novel technology in customer designs, make significant advancements in Minnetronix’ proprietary technology, develop novel test methodologies and systems, and recognized teams and individuals who by hard work and creative problem solving drove exceptionally strong project outcomes for our customers and Minnetronix. The business award nominees included outside-of-the-box thinking and measurable outcomes in areas including staffing and talent development, manufacturing efficiency, verification and validation methodologies, supply chain quality management and partnership building with our customers.

Admitting to a strong personal bias, I continue to be impressed with the technical and business acumen of the folks who make up Minnetronix, as well as the energy and passion to continually drive toward better solutions for better outcomes. The Engineering and Business Excellence awards provide a glimpse into some of the work that demonstrates this drive to innovate and excel. It is rewarding, fun and often humbling to take a look back at the year through this lens and to recognize among peers the teams and individuals that continue to drive towards excellence.