Minnetronix Exhibits at Partnerships in Drug Delivery Event

October 23, 2015

Boston, Massachusetts: World-renowned bedrock of higher education, home to storied professional sports franchises, and epicenter of American history. In recent years, Boston has also emerged as a burgeoning hotbed of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In early October, Minnetronix attended the 5th Annual PODD: Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery conference in the heart of Boston.

Companies from all over the world converged at this conference to seek partnership opportunities along the cutting edges of drug delivery. For Minnetronix attendees, our discussions with conference participants precipitated the following themes:

  1. stabilizing biologics;
  2. bridging the outcome gaps between injectable and non-injectable delivery methods;
  3. developing injection devices that are capable of delivering liquids across a range of viscosities;
  4. incorporating device development earlier in the pharmaceutical product development process.

The fourth theme emerged from a consistent narrative that many pharmaceutical companies have hired their own medical device experts based on expectations of synergies and convergence. These cutting- edge organizations are actively working through non-trivial challenges that come with integrating the regulations and product development processes from the medical device world with those from the pharmaceutical world.

Traditionally, pharmaceutical companies have tended to defer medical device development to follow the satisfaction of key success criteria for pharmaceutical products. However, boundary conditions for device development can feel overly restrictive by the time their companion pharmaceutical products achieve these levels of confidence. Co-development success will accompany organizations that effectively start device development earlier in the pharmaceutical development process without compromising existing efficiencies.

Participating in this conference confirmed for us that Minnetronix has much to offer in the development of drug delivery devices. We have a proven track record of productively co-managing complex development efforts with biotechnology companies. Our customer-focused discipline not only enables an earlier start to the co-development process but also lends itself to efficient, timely, data-driven course adjustments. Accordingly, we look forward to strengthening our presence in the rapidly growing frontier of pharmaceutical delivery.