Sharing Manufacturing Best Practices: Minnetronix Joins Manufacturing Leadership Council

December 10, 2015 - Stan Crossett, Vice President of Transfer Programs and Test Engineering

As Minnetronix manufacturing capabilities continue to grow, it’s important for us to stay on top of market trends, understand what other industries are doing and benchmark our capabilities with best-in-class companies. To support that effort, Minnetronix joined the Manufacturing Leadership Council, a global organization with a mission “to support its members across all segments of manufacturing and drive them to define and shape a better future for themselves, their organizations and the industry at large”.

The council’s membership represents a wide array of industries and an impressive level of manufacturing expertise and capabilities. Each year, the council identifies six critical issues imminently facing the global manufacturing industry. Through a variety of collaborative programs and channels, members address and offer solutions for these issues by sharing insights, ideas and experiences to generate best practices for the future.

One example is bi-annual plant tours hosted by member companies. This fall, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) hosted a tour that focused on operational excellence. P&G’s Integrated Work Systems illustrates how production stability can create a very agile, engaging work environment capable of achieving zero-loss through continuous improvements. A second plant tour at General Motors (GM) focused on building next generation teams. Similar to P&G, GM has established a strong foundation of continuous improvement. Based on standardized work processes, individuals and teams are able to identify issues, problem solve and drive improvements. They are also able to recognize constraints in their process and improve efficiency through established problem and process improvement tools. This has enabled GM to establish an onboarding process that better identifies individuals who can flourish in their culture and environment. Both of these companies recognize the benefit of sharing their experience and knowledge with the industry to continue to create both operational excellence and develop future leaders in the global manufacturing space.

As Minnetronix expands, we will continue to strive for operational excellence, develop future leaders and pursue opportunities that further enhance our manufacturing strategic capabilities. For us, it’s about building on successful programs like our Product Performance Management that not only drive continuous improvement but differentiate us in the market. And, our involvement with global organizations like the Manufacturing Leadership Council ensures we stay on the cutting edge of innovation.