daniel cosentino mba
Daniel Cosentino, MBA

Daniel Cosentino directs capital efficient development and profitable growth of medical technology and health care service companies. He is Principal of Cosenco Partners, a family office managing a portfolio of diversified investments. Mr. Cosentino recently led the startup, growth, exit, and transition of CARDIOCOM, a $50+ million medical device and digital health solutions company. He founded CARDIOCOM in 1999 with a total investment of $1 million. The company was acquired by Medtronic, a Fortune 200 market leader, for $200 million.

Mr. Cosentino is a Member of Mayo Clinic Ventures Advisory Group. He holds multiple patents related to remote monitoring systems for ambulatory patients, and is regularly cited as an industry expert on how digital health technologies can play a meaningful role in improving patient care. Prior to CARDIOCOM, Dan was a Product Development Executive at Guidant, now Boston Scientific, and was a Business Unit Manager at Minntech Corporation.

Mr. Cosentino earned a BA in Physiology from the University of Minnesota and MBA from Boston University.