Rich Nazarian Receives University of Minnesota Design of Medical Devices Conference Award

April 7, 2010

ST. PAUL, Minn. April 7, 2010 — Rich Nazarian, Minnetronix, Inc. President and CEO, will be recognized for his dedication to the medical device community by the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with the honor of the 2010 Design of Medical Devices Conference (DMD) Award.

The DMD Conference Award was established to honor individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the medical device community over a sustained period of time. Award recipients have a history of contribution to the common good, growth and excellence of the medical device enterprise in the region.

Rich has worked for over 20 years in the medical device field, beginning with product development efforts for implantable artificial heart electronics, cardiopulmonary bypass systems, laser imaging systems, and other products. Rich’s numerous patents, papers and awards testify to his commitment and excellence in the medical device field.

"Rich Nazarian has been one of the most consistent outside supporters of the Design of Medical Devices Conference since its inception in 2001,” said Arthur Erdman, DMD Conference Chair. “Through both his encouragement and commitment of company resources, Rich has been essential in making the conference what it is today. We appreciate his leadership, commitment and enthusiastic participation.”

In 1996, Rich, along with Jonathan Pierce and Dirk Smith, founded St. Paul-based Minnetronix, Inc., a software and electronics company specifically focused on medical device product development and manufacturing. Since founding Minnetronix, Rich has served as President and CEO, providing both business and technical leadership, and guiding the firm as it has grown from three employees in 1996 to 130+ employees today.

Upon being named this year’s DMD Award recipient, Nazarian stated, “This award is a great honor and it is a privilege to be chosen as a luncheon keynote speaker at the conference. I’m flattered to have been recognized by the DMD Executive Committee, people whom I have respected and admired for many years. Their organization has done much to promote the cause of medical device engineering in this area and I’m honored to be able to contribute in some small way.”

Minnetronix would like to congratulate Rich on this honor and for his outstanding dedication to the medical device community. He will accept the DMD Conference Award on April 13, 2010, where he will also present the luncheon keynote address.

About Minnetronix

Minnetronix provides award-winning product design, development and manufacturing services to the medical device and life science marketplaces. As a recognized leader in the industry, Minnetronix successfully incorporates custom electronic, mechanical and software engineering into finished Class II and III devices and systems such as cardiovascular and monitoring systems, therapeutic and implantable devices and diagnostic instruments. The firm has led over 140 design and manufacturing projects for nearly 100 different medical device and life science firms, ranging in size from small start-ups to large established firms. Minnetronix is ISO 13485 certified and is an FDA registered manufacturer.