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At Minnetronix Medical, our team is united by a single mission – to solve challenging problems for the benefit of patients and humanity. That’s what inspired our founders to start the company in 1996, and it’s still what drives and inspires us. Today, we’re taking the skills, experience and expertise we’ve gained to expand our ability to improve life for patients.

Minnetronix Medical is structured with two operational business units to serve our customers:

    • Minnetronix, Inc. – this business unit partners with companies across the globe to design, develop and manufacture medical technology. Our teams specialize in RF Energy, Fluid and Gas Management, Optical Systems and Stim and Wearable devices.
    • Minnetronix Neuro, Inc. – this business unit is developing a portfolio of solutions designed to prevent secondary injury and enhance healing for patients in the Neuro ICU.

Our approach makes us unlike any other medical technology company: we don’t just make things, we make things better – for our customers, for underserved patient populations, and ultimately, for the healthcare system overall.