Brain Stimulation System

The Device

The Cerephex® NeuroPoint® System is a non-invasive brain stimulation device designed to treat the chronic pain of fibromyalgia.

The Challenge

Cerephex Corporation was forced to halt the pivotal clinical trial of their NeuroPoint System in order to assess and reconcile differences between the pilot and pivotal study versions of their device, both of which were developed elsewhere. The company turned to Minnetronix’ stimulation design experts to evaluate the current system, determine areas for improvement, and update the software and hardware to allow resumption of clinical trials as quickly as possible. Our team’s experts rapidly delivered improvements to Cerephex’s fleet of clinical devices that ensured a predictable, consistent, electrical stimulation therapy. Given the ability to leverage existing know-how, the Minnetronix team enabled Cerephex to re-initiate clinical trials by their targeted deadline and minimize enrollment delays.

How Minnetronix Added Value

  • Stimulation electronics – Leveraged in-house expertise to efficiently redesign the system to meet energy requirements and improve reliability and therapeutic value
  • Impedance measurement – Developed impedance measurement scheme below stimulation threshold to ensure proper therapy placement and delivery
  • Graphical user interface – Incorporated embedded communication protocols, microprocessor technology, and analog circuitry for better workflow and ease of use