Controlled Frozen Plasma Thawing System

The Device

ZipThaw™ is a next-generation blood plasma thawing system. Each bag of plasma is uniformly thawed to the optimum temperature ensuring accuracy, safety, and less waste.

The Challenge

FreMon Scientific was seeking a manufacturing partner to move their unique plasma thawing system into commercial production. Their design was essentially complete, but prototyping and analysis for performance, reliability and cost of manufacturing were needed to advance the design to a production environment.

How Minnetronix Added Value

With an understanding of FreMon Scientific’s business goals, the Minnetronix Fluid and Gas Management team performed a thorough evaluation of the design and offered improvements to optimize the device for manufacturability, cost of materials, and performance. Assembly and production processes were refined, and the team worked closely with manufacturing to ensure an efficient scalable product introduction for FreMon Scientific.

  • Platform improvements to hardware and software
  • Design for scalable manufacturability
  • Efficient testing and test optimization
  • Product manufacturing