Electrophysiology Signal Processing System

The Device

The BioSig Technologies PURE EP™ System acquires, digitizes, and displays for analysis electrocardiographic and intracardiac signals of patients undergoing electrophysiology procedures.

The Challenge

  • The PURE EP™ System aims to increase the fidelity of cardiac signals to improve their diagnostic value – thus, the system is designed with a focus on high signal to noise ratio.
  • A complex electrode array totaling in the hundreds needs highly reliable / low noise signal connections that tie into multiple signal-processing cards within the system.
  • Minnetronix worked with BioSig Technologies to transition their ideas from a lab prototype to a repeatable, reliable, manufacturable design.
  • Full system included four specialized monitors, cable extender amplifiers, operator workstations, signal breakout boxes, and sundry accessories – all expertly managed in partnership with Minnetronix.

How Minnetronix Added Value

  • Complex system development / management – Proven expertise and decades of similar experiences
  • Regulatory requirements expertise – 60601-1 and 60601-2-25 experience
  • Meeting difficult safety requirements – Custom high-connector-count patient cables designed to meet stringent safety and isolation requirements
  • EMC and defibrillation – Improved immunity to EMC, improved protection against (and recovery from) defibrillation


PURE EP is a trademark of BioSig Technologies, Inc.


RF Energy

BioSig PURE EP™ System Processor

BioSig PURE EP™ System Processor