Orbital Atherectomy System

The Device

The Diamondback 360® Orbital Atherectomy System removes plaque in the peripheral and coronary circulatory system.

The Challenge

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. turned to Minnetronix for support with the next-generation design of their atherectomy system. With specific expertise in fluids integration and management, our team of experts updated the system architecture with real-time feedback loops, safety-critical controls and monitors, and a significantly simplified the user interface. Ultimately, our team provided a well-engineered, updated therapy that integrated multiple interrelating subsystems with effective and efficient communication channels to deliver safe and effective therapy.

How Minnetronix Added Value

  • Fluid management expertise – Developed a fluid monitoring system to gauge supply and use of saline during device operation
  • Pump control expertise – Designed optical feedback loop to monitor, maintain, and control motor speed
  • Designed for fiber optic alignment – Integrated into robust system to hold precision tolerance for accurate data transmission
  • User interface design – Consolidated a complex interface into an easy-to-use touch-screen design