Tumor Ablation System

The Device

The STAR™ Tumor Ablation System is a minimally invasive device which utilizes RF ablation technology to treat metastatic spinal tumors.

The Challenge

DFINE’s MetaStar prototype device performed well to its original specs, but reliability issues and the system’s failure to meet specified use scenario requirements needed to be resolved. To transform the device into a commercially-viable system, DFINE turned to Minnetronix’ RF experts. With deep experience in energy-based therapies, our engineers quickly identified critical design and component issues affecting reliability and performance. By reverse engineering and redefining the system architecture, our RF team efficiently and successfully transformed the prototype system into a highly capable, safe and reliable commercial ablation therapy.

How Minnetronix Added Value

  • Proven track record in RF generator design – Based on more than 15 successful RF medical device projects
  • Proficiency in temperature and power management – Redesigned the closed loop system to effectively manage temperature control at higher power levels
  • RF specific supply chain expertise – Quickly sourced reliable capacitor to meet specific RF power requirements