Ultrasound Wound Therapy

The Device

UltraMIST® Ultrasound Wound Healing Therapy is painless, noncontact, low-frequency ultrasound delivered through a fluid (e.g., saline) mist to the wound bed to stimulate blood flow, angiogenesis, growth factor release, and collagen deposition.

The Challenge

Issues with quality and reliability with a previous partner led Alliqua Medical to seek an experienced team to remedy critical design and component challenges with their UltraMist device. The client selected Minnetronix given the depth of our fluid integration and management expertise. For example, our team’s experience and knowledge coupled with our robust supply chain allowed us to efficiently source high-quality components that reduced unit cost. Our engineers also provided expert design guidance to improve product robustness and mitigate noise. Overall, the Minnetronix team’s efficiency and reliability enabled Alliqua to quickly resume production in anticipation of commercial launch.

How Minnetronix Added Value

  • Noise mitigation know-how – Diagnosed and remedied issues to meet stringent noise requirements
  • Engineering expertise – Provided proactive expert design direction to improve durability of enclosure
  • Process control – Significantly reduced defect rates by working with supplier to modify processes and implement industry-standard criteria for production
  • Fluid-specific supply chain expertise – Sourced a new high-quality resistor to improve reliability and reduce unit cost