Vacuum Pump System

The Device

The NPD 1000™ System is a portable, ambulatory, and reusable vacuum pump system used for negative pressure wound management therapy.

The Challenge

When Kalypto Medical was ready to develop a novel negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system, they sought the guidance and experience of the Minnetronix’ fluid and gas management experts. Our engineers utilized our collective expertise in pump control and wearable device design to turn Kalypto’s intellectual property into a small, easy-to-use, wearable device that met strict cost parameters. To do so, the design team created a low-leak pump system with a control algorithm that regulated fluid evacuation. They also engineered a novel split-unit design that incorporated a reusable component, that qualified the device for reimbursement per Medicare code requirements. In the end, Minnetronix helped Kalypto introduce a new NPWT system to the market that provided better patient therapy, improved patient ease-of-use, and reduced costs to Medicare.

How Minnetronix Added Value

  • Pump control expertise – Created a low-leak system with pressure sensor to maintain required pressure and reduce run time
  • Wearable design expertise – Designed a compact, easy to use, low-noise device with AA batteries for home use
  • Noise mitigation – Leveraged knowledge base in sound-proofing to effectively reduce noise and vibration
  • Proprietary in-house testing – Developed tailored leak rate test to ensure device met pressure hold requirements