Wearable Glucose Monitor

The Device

The Eversense® Smart Transmitter is worn on the arm and wirelessly receives glucose data from a subcutaneously-implanted sensor in adults with diabetes.

The Challenge

The client approached Minnetronix with the need for a high-efficiency wearable device that incorporated a reliable and robust power supply, complete waterproofing, and miniaturization. Our wearables experts accomplished this all in a small, aesthetically-pleasing package that created a positive user experience. In less than 6 months, we supplied the customer with thousands of units per month, and the customer hit their worldwide target launch date. We recently also launched four new configurations, all within the transfer window.

How Minnetronix Added Value

  • Battery expertise – Maximized battery longevity within a miniaturized design
  • Proprietary wireless communication – Implemented Minnetronix design for communication that facilitated miniaturization and reduced power consumption
  • In-house leak testing process – Used to rapidly achieve IP67 compliance
  • Internal adhesive expertise – Solved adhesive – material interaction challenges
  • Existing supply chain knowledge – Quickly sourced reliable battery vendor