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Break through barriers with better RF–we deliver the best solutions for maximum clinical and business impact.

We offer market-leading expertise in the research, development, and production of RF -based devices. We think differently. We apply more than 20 years of know-how to think beyond traditional solutions to increase the value of your product.

The technology, regulations, supply chains, and clinical needs are complex and unique to this area and require specific expertise.

What’s at stake?

It pays to hire an expert in the RF space—to avoid these all-too-common pitfalls that plague novices and cause cost-overruns and major delays:

  • Inability to limit material costs due to lacking vertical scale in RF technologies
  • Non-obvious and time bound subtleties in regulatory standards
  • Inability to design/source specialty components to meet design requirements
  • Complex and unpredictable interactions between sub-systems and/or other equipment being used
  • Complex problems that have either been previously solved or are known to be not economically solvable
  • Inability to limit material costs due to lacking vertical scale in RF technologies

Focus Areas:

  • RF ablation generators for a broad range of procedures including cardiac ablation for atrial fibrillation, solid tissue ablation for tumors, plasma activation, cosmetic procedures, neuro surgery for nerve denervation
  • System designs that vary widely in power and frequency ranges, number of outputs/RF channels, modes, and feedback methods
  • Safety systems for RF generators
  • Interaction between the RF ablation systems and external components (e.g. mapping, pacing, recording, logging, etc.)


"99% of the tissue effect you are seeking can be specified in one plot. Let's talk about the simple relationships between voltage, power, and tissue effect"
Dan Johnson, Engineer Team RF

60-Second Tech Talk: Electrical Paramaters and Tissue Effect

Dan explains the key considerations for designing calibration ini RF

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