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Data for Medical Devices

With data scientists fully integrated into device development teams, Minnetronix Medical helps our clients avoid the heavy costs of change and unnecessary data collection inherent to the medical device industry.

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Data Science Case Studies

Choosing The Right Approach Tailored To Your Needs

Minnetronix leverages a trusted framework to select an approach to data science that minimizes future design and business risk. We consider four general approaches to data science. Each approach provides benefits and drawbacks, according to six competing characteristics.

The Minnetronix Way

For 25 years, Minnetronix has been helping companies design and manufacture medical devices. We choose the right approach to data science problems to prevent costly redesign in the future and form the best path to the business result you need. Minnetronix executes a proven process to get data science solutions integrated with devices in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Your Roadmap to Success

Regardless of which approach to data science is best, every project follows Minnetronix’s trusted seven-step process. This process produces valuable insights and viable products for our clients.

Contrary to many design firms, we can control the data produced by the device itself. This offers an avenue for cost savings and design optimization that is impossible when data science and medical device development are siloed. Involving data scientists as early as possible in the development cycle is important, since the data you collect now will determine what you can accomplish in the future.

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Get our Free Whitepaper, Demystifying Data Science in Medical Devices

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