Technology Segments Overview

Intentional focus on your most critical technologies.

Your medical devices will be well-served by our technological and clinical expertise in key areas, elevating quality, engineering and market relevance.

Optical Systems

Deep experience across the optical spectrum matters.

In optical systems, precision matters. Our depth in thinking, ingenuity in engineering and efficiency in how we work means tighter tolerances within a faster process.

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RF Energy

Technical acumen to deliver better RF ablation and electrosurgical devices, faster.

Our expertise, foresight, and proven foundations enable rapid commercialization of your RF ablation and electrosurgical systems.

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Stimulation & Active Wearables

Balancing complex technical requirements and patient-centered usability.

Our approach to developing your wearable devices starts with both patient needs and technical requirements, then builds a solution that fits both.

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Fluid & Gas Management

Precise temperature, pressure and flow of liquids and gases.

Consistent delivery of fluids is paramount in your technology. Our fluid and gas management team is experienced in all related medical applications, helping you get to market faster.

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