Reversible Electroporation

Creating electroporation-based drug and therapy technologies ready for clinical use.

Minnetronix Medical is the only US-based development and manufacturing partner with a focused electroporation team. Our specialized expertise means we can develop and manufacture electropermeabilization devices that are suitable for several clinical settings, including investigational and CE-marked in vivo devices. Each is developed with the device’s full lifecycle in mind.

Direct experience designing, verifying and manufacturing in vivo electropermeabilization systems.

Our team has the deepest and most successful experience available in developing reversible electroporation systems. With every project, we solve the unique technical challenges that accompany medical device development and bring these devices to market for clinical use. Together, we will create a customized solution for your clinical application and support your vision and device needs through the entire process.

Expertise, foresight and proven foundations enable rapid commercialization.

Customizable electroporation architecture for specific clinical requirements
Complete device and electrode characterization to enable therapy demands
Complete system development–from early-stage concept and investigational use to clinical applications

Proven architecture modified to suit your medical device requirements.

  • Minnetronix Medical completes more custom electropermeabilization device development than anyone else in the world.
  • We re-use architecture where possible, to quickly and efficiently create quality devices that will accurately and consistently perform.
  • We develop systems to ensure patient safety while using high-voltage devices.

Complete and accurate device and electrode characterization

  • Extensive know-how to accurately characterize complex electroporation-specific system outputs, including waveform fidelity.
  • Specialized equipment and techniques evolved to accurately measure large output changes over short time frames.
  • Assistance in translating pre-clinical work using animal models to maximize the probability of continued success with human tissue.
  • Dynamic modeling expertise to optimize your electroporation field and achieve the necessary permeabilization parameters.

Complete system development through the device’s full lifecycle.

  • Full lifecycle support means our involvement remains through initial device requirements and characterization, device development, verification, manufacturing and lasting support of the product after development.
  • Our combination device expertise helps avoid the regulatory hazards inherent in developing combination medical devices and products.
  • Fast and affordable technology elements streamline the development processes while improving precision and performance.
  • We will design your device as an integrated system including optimized electrode design to maximize your combination drug/device’s efficacy.

Actionable, predictive modeling improves real-world performance.​

Our modeling capabilities are unique in that they help streamline development processes and accurately predict product performance and tissue response.​

Ensuring absolute precision in waveform delivery
We have developed electropermeabilization waveform control architecture to reliably achieve your desired field and tissue effect. High voltage safety architecture ensures that your device is also compliant and can meet FDA/CE requirements. The methods of Quality Assurance validation at Minnetronix will not only ensure device reliability but will also aid in achieving regulatory approval.

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