Stimulation & Active Wearables

Balancing complex technical requirements with patient-centered wearability.

Our stimulation and active wearables team brings specific expertise managing competing requirements and combining multiple technologies, while designing for usability, durability and wearability.

Stimulation and active wearable devices that deliver results.

Extensive experience in designing and manufacturing diagnostic and therapeutic wearable technologies.


  • IPG-based and external stimulation
  • Peripherals
  • Application development and integration
  • Charging system expertise

Diagnostics and Monitoring

  • Wearable sensor-based devices
  • Optical, EM and motion sensors
  • Data, app, cloud and AI capability
  • Data, compliant security and encryption, cloud and AI

Wearables expertise from design through delivery.

User-centered engineering for devices that are comfortable and intuitive to use.

Engineering that optimizes size, durability, power and battery life for products that integrate into patients’ lifestyles.

Specific experience in supply chain and manufacturing for reliability, production scale, quality and good economics.

Knowledge and experience in compliant wireless communication for patient and clinician confidence.

Stimulation Case Study
Wearables Case Study
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