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Better optics-based products require specific integration expertise – we’ll work with you to give clinicians better ways to visualize, diagnose and guide therapies.

We are fanatical about robust product integration. When it comes to optics and optical signal processing, we understand the mechanical requirements necessary to ensure robust and repeatable performance. We provide the expertise you need to deliver consistent alignment and sophisticated image processing.

What’s at stake?

Given the complexities of a precision optical system, there’s little margin for error. Ensure that your device hits the mark by leveraging our experience and know-how. We can:

  • Translate complex optical system designs into robust, manufacturable medical devices
  • Create high-precision designs that meet very tight tolerances and maintain precise alignment
  • Specify and implement architectures that preemptively minimize re-design and cost escalation in development and manufacturing
  • Select and source the appropriate optical, imaging and sensor components that meet your signal requirements and avoid rapid obsolescence
  • Create algorithms for image processing and display to optimize sensor performance and visualization
  • Establish rigorous test methods to ensure consistent and precise performance

Focus Areas:

  • Complex optomechanical systems
  • Laser system design, integration and packaging
  • Endoscopic imaging systems and test equipment
  • 3D, disposable and miniature imaging systems
  • Illumination system design, integration and packaging
heartlight endoscopic ablation system