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Break through barriers. We deliver optimized Radio Frequency (RF) solutions for maximum clinical and business impact.

We offer market-leading expertise in the research, development and production of RF-based devices. With more than 20 years of know-how, we think well beyond traditional solutions to increase the value of your product.

The technology, regulations, supply chains and clinical needs unique to RF are complex and require specific and proven expertise. We deliver.

What’s at stake?

As experts in the RF ablation and electrosurgical space, we know how to build a quality product that meets your timeline and budget. Our experience allows us to:

  • Design custom components to meet your application’s power requirements
  • Preemptively address non-obvious and complex regulatory issues
  • Advise our customers on complex technical challenges that we may have previously solved for other applications or devices
  • Optimize material cost by leveraging platforms, component commonality, and proven design for manufacturing
  • Provide value beyond our engineering and manufacturing services: our experts have spent hundreds of hours interacting with healthcare providers – we speak the language of your experts and your customers

Focus Areas:

  • RF ablation generators for clinical applications including cardiac arrhythmia, pain management and tumor ablation
  • RF-powered plasma treatments: both thermal plasma (for general surgical use) and non-thermal plasmas (for surface treatments)
  • RF-based treatments for dermatological applications including wrinkle reduction, fatty tissue lysis and skin tightening
  • Electrosurgical generators for general surgical use, as well as procedural-specific generators for applications such as denervation and ligation
  • Complex RF systems which combine ablation with coolants, pumps, sensors and other devices
  • EM systems for tracking and monitoring devices used in cardiac ablation, solid tissue ablation for tumors and neuro surgery
amphora urological ablation system rf generator