Designing Comprehensive Electromechanical Solutions for Medical Fluid Systems

When it comes to finding electromechanical solutions for the medical field, each device must perform a very specific task in a repeatable and reliable fashion. The functionality of a device is specific and purposeful, with a range of requirements depending on the field of medicine, needs of the patient, and method of treatment.

In fluid management, the medical supplies given to a hospital or care facility must perform their task consistently and dependably. From sanitization equipment to extraction and dispensing, the handling of fluids plays a role in many medical devices. Some are designed to effectively manage a patient’s fluid levels, some administer medication, and others are created to effectively remove fluids or waste in diagnostic procedures.

Minnetronix specializes in transforming complex needs in medical devices into customized systems. Since technology in medicine is advancing every day, the devices used to perform procedures must likewise adapt to become more and more intricate.

The fluids involved in medical procedures (including biologics) have different dynamics, applications, and implications for each patient. At Minnetronix, we strive to exercise our expertise in complex fluidics systems integration. Our breadth and depth of experience in key markets and specialties includes:

  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Wound healing
  • Respiratory care
  • Pathology
  • Hemodialysis
  • Diagnostics

Fluid Control and Management in Medical Devices

Minnetronix works to design commercialized medical devices for managing fluid dynamics and motor control. Any medical device we create operates using precise control. Our specialized focus on the challenges these technologies include results in devices that perform reliably and consistently.

Of course, some factors require different solutions to address an array of issues that healthcare professionals and clinicians encounter. To design equipment that exhibits medical excellence, our engineers create robust, reliable systems. We have identified five main parameters that impact successful medical fluidics applications. 


Our understanding of fluid dynamics parameters allows us to provide desired performance with universal hardware for monitoring fluid flow. Factors such as clogging, flow profile, leaks, air bubbles, and tubing connections are critical to understand when designing a fluidics system.


In a medical setting, a minor fluctuation in fluid volume can have a catastrophic effect on a patient. We create devices that monitor and control the volume of fluid administered to prevent fluid overload.

Fluid Type 

Fluid management systems allow for the safe control of an array of fluid types. This might include saline, blood, medications, and other liquids entering and leaving the body during a medical procedure.


The clinical outcome of a patient can sometimes be determined by the infusion of fluids at the right temperature. Warming or cooling infused fluids to precise temperatures is, for these patients, of the utmost importance.


Many medical devices require precise pressure rates. Fluid sensors play a pivotal role in maintaining and controlling the pressure at which fluids are administered or removed.

We understand the difficulties presented in monitoring and controlling fluids in the medical field. Our experience in designing for and managing fluid dynamics and motor control results in dependable devices that perform safely and optimally. We offer design, development, and manufacturing services for the most demanding and unique medical fluid applications.

Minnetronix has experience across a spectrum of fluids, forms, and applications. Each project we tackle is unique. Our teams specialize in bringing together complex components into a finished product that achieves the best medical and business outcome. To learn more about how we can help bring your fluidics-based medical systems to market faster, contact us today.  

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