Minnetronix Medical Featured in Medical Design & Outsourcing Magazine

Read About Electroporation from Minnetronix

Minnetronix Medical’s Saeid Movahed and Daniel Friedrichs were recently featured in Medical Design and Outsourcing Magazine. Movahed and Friedrichs, as participants in the MDO Contributors Network, describe macro-scale electroporation and its uses in a new article.

Electroporation and its applications are growing steadily in popularity. Minnetronix Medical is excited to see this technology on display and proud to see two of its employees at the forefront. With more knowledge circulating about electroporation, Minnetronix can help doctors and patients with new techniques that enhance and save lives.

Movahed and Friedrichs’ article includes an overview of electroporation, the steps to achieve electroporation, potential medical applications, and Minnetronix’s development practices. Readers will finish this article with a deeper understanding of electroporation technology and its uses for functions like tumor ablation and intracellular delivery of DNA, RNA, and other cargo.

Read the article from Medical Design and Outsourcing Magazine by clicking here.

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