Minnetronix Medical Featured in Medical Design & Outsourcing Magazine – Applications of Electrical Energy in Medicine

Minnetronix Medical’s Daniel Friedrichs was recently featured in Medical Design and Outsourcing Magazine. Friedrichs, as a participant in the MDO Contributors Network, discusses new and promising applications of energy-based medical systems and the challenges of developing them.

While modern medicine is awash in high-tech electronics from large surgical robots to tiny implanted sensors, there are several applications where electrical energy is directly applied to a patient to ablate tissue, convey drugs, or achieve other clinical effects.

Given the obvious concerns with applying electricity to humans, developing these tools safely and effectively is crucial.

This article briefly reviews these applications of electrical energy in medicine and new opportunities to refine existing technology such as radiofrequency (RF) ablation or realize radical improvements using new energy modalities such as pulsed-field ablation (PFA).

Read the article from Medical Design and Outsourcing Magazine by clicking here.

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