Minnetronix Medical to Headline 2024 Electronics Engineering Show

Dr. Daniel Friedrichs will present on power electronics applications in medical devices, highlighting current and future innovations in surgical applications of electrical energy

SAINT PAUL, Minn. (Jan. 19, 2024) – Daniel Friedrichs, PhD, PE, senior principal engineer at Minnetronix Medical, the design, development, and manufacturing partner to original equipment manufacturers and startup companies in the medical device industry, will be a featured keynote thought leader at the global 2024 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), Feb. 26, in Long Beach, California.

Friedrichs will join a short list of plenary session presenters from MIT, Intel, and other leading organizations and present on “Surgical energy – connecting power electronics to patients, literally!” highlighting current and future applications of medical devices that use electrical energy to treat health conditions throughout the human body. He will illustrate, for example, how power electronics are used to kill harmful cancerous tissue through multiple technologies, including radio frequency (RF) ablation, electroporation, and a newly emerging application, pulsed field ablation (PFA).

APEC is the premier conference focused on the practical and applied aspects of power electronics. Attendees include engineers, designers, and other professionals from all aspects of electronics across a variety of industries. Its plenary sessions feature distinguished professionals and thought leaders.

Friedrichs and members of the Minnetronix Medical surgical energy team share their collective expertise as frequent contributors to professional associations, trade media, academic journals, and original equipment manufacturing and startup company audiences in the medical device industry.

“It’s an exciting time for power electronics in cutting-edge medical devices and applications,” said Friedrichs, who has more than 35 patents and works with companies throughout the world to commercialize a wide array of medical technologies. “Particular uses, like PFA, hold great promise in effective, minimally invasive procedures and the world’s leading med device companies are investing in these technologies now. We’re happy to play an important role in getting these devices into the hands of physicians by offering expert design and development services to ensure these medical devices can meet requirements, achieve regulatory approval, and be manufactured in an efficient, scalable way to supply the expected market demand.”

About Minnetronix Medical

Since 1996, Minnetronix Medical has accelerated medical device breakthroughs as a design, development, and manufacturing partner to leading device companies around the world. Today, through lifecycle efficiency, opportunity realization, and increased utility, the company creates value in key technology segments that include optical systems, surgical energy, fluid and gas management, and stimulation & active wearables. From design and manufacturing services to whole product solutions, Minnetronix has the expansive industry insight and intentional technical acumen to deliver better medical devices to market, faster.

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