Minnetronix Medical’s Dan Friedrichs and Aaron McCabe Featured in Medical Design Briefs

Pulsed-field ablation (PFA), also known as irreversible electroporation (IRE), is a rapidly emerging technology for tissue ablation that is seeing robust excitement for use in cardiac electrophysiology. Major medical device manufacturers are making billion-dollar investments in this new technology, and the clinical community is expecting a rapid shift from existing tools to PFA within the coming years. With global volume approaching 1 million procedures annually, growing at ~15 percent year over year, the impacts to the medical device industry, clinicians, and patients are certain to be significant.

This article discusses the electrophysiology clinical applications for PFA, the rationale for pursuing PFA over other technologies, other clinical areas that are likely to be impacted by this technology in the future, and the challenges with designing PFA systems.

Those who are interested in reading the article can find it by clicking here.

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