The Importance of Supply Chain Management for Electroporation Devices – Part 2

Part one of this article discussed the common reasons for supply chain disruptions. This part will continue that discussion by presenting how Minnetronix combats disorders through effective supply chain management. Proper analysis, modeling, and implementation are critical for clients—especially those utilizing electroporation.

Data and Supply Chain Management

Developing your ideal supply chain requires an abundance of data. Apart from collecting data, whole product solutions also require analysis. The data sets you gather may not fully encompass your product or your vision. A good examination will begin by setting goals, evaluating the data, and presenting that data to a product’s stakeholders. A good partner will gather previous data sets to determine your needs and the feasibility of distribution.

Supply Chain Modeling

After stakeholders see the data, they can make decisions based on critical factors like cost, logistics, and ease of implementation. Once stakeholders make a decision, the supply chain can be constructed. Before implementation, however, stakeholders should prioritize supply chain modeling.

Modeling involves using data to define and understand an organization’s supply chain. This step often requires modeling software that can optimize the needs of a product and determine the appropriate decisions to move forward with the distribution. For specialized products, like those using electroporation, it may be necessary to partner with someone who has advanced knowledge of your product and can build an adequate model.

Proper Implementation

Implementation is often limited to enabling the decisions determined in the modeling phase. But this practice is far from proper implementation. Proper implementation involves two key aspects: evaluation and adjustment.

Evaluation is the practice of observing your decisions and deciding whether they need correction. If the evaluation process is neglected, you can easily find yourself with a supply chain with constant disruption. Computer models are not always one-to-one; instead, you must observe them and note any necessary adjustments.

Adjustment is also a crucial aspect of proper supply chain management. If you determine that the current implementation process isn’t working, you must know how to work quickly and address issues with your supply chain.

There are many ways to address problems in supply chain management, but none are better than working with a proven partner from the initial design process. Minnetronix considers the supply chain from the initial design process which leads to the maximum growth for your product. If you need solutions for every stage in your product’s lifecycle, especially for electroporation products, partner with our team. For the best service in the industry, contact us now.

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