The Importance of Supply Chain Management for Electroporation Devices – Part 1

Supply chain management is no easy task, especially in the wake of a pandemic. Supply chain disruptions can be devastating for medical devices, especially those utilizing electroporation. But why do these disruptions happen, and what can you do to counteract them? In the first part of this article, we’ll address why interruptions in the supply chain occur before telling you how to solve them in part two.

The Importance of Supply Chain Management

With the rise of a global pandemic, supply chains are more affected now than ever. The ripples to the global economy also appear in the medical field. Medical devices that rely on computer parts, like ones employing electroporation, were negatively affected by these supply chain woes.

But the pandemic also highlighted existing problems that will factor heavily into the future. Before the pandemic, issues like technological growth and expanding initiatives played a factor and will continue to do so. Correcting these issues before realizing your product will be one of the many keys to your device’s success.

New Devices and Supply Chain Disruptions

Your supply chain may be suffering from an abundance of new technologies in your field. Before the pandemic, it was typical for industries seeing growth to experience similar problems to those we’re seeing on a global scale.

For custom RF technologies, this problem is dire. New technologies generate high demand but often rely on similar components. Supply chain management becomes crucial here to continue the manufacturing and distribution process. Without proper management, you may find that parts are less available given the popularity of new products in your field.

Managing Growing Initiatives

Supply chain disruptions may also occur with budding initiatives. For example, growth in custom RF technologies has led to increased demand for them. As new modalities become prevalent, it may be harder to source materials to meet demand. When growing initiatives interfere with your supply chain, it can be challenging to meet consumer expectations.

A supply chain can mitigate this issue with proper planning. Your model may be possible with a shorter supply chain or by using a local supplier. Though adequate management can reduce this problem, it may require the help of a partner.

Utilizing the Help of Minnetronix

There is no better way to enable healthy supply chains than by working with a professional. With Minnetronix as a partner throughout the product’s lifespan, the supply chain is considered in the initial design process—leading to less disruptions and enhanced growth. With help from professionals, you can rely on solutions for every stage in the lifecycle of your invention. Contact us today to accelerate your next breakthrough and see what a partnership can do for your product.

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